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Rawcoon is a USB device that allows you to automate anything you want. Simply write your script, then plug the device into any computer. Your script is executed without any user interaction.

Collect assets

A Rawcoon script can also collect assets (strings) and upload them straight to your management portal.


Rawcoon is compatible with most operating systems and keyboard layouts. Taking care of everything for you.

Step 1: Login and register your device

The first step is to login. You can also download the app and do everything from there. All you need is a Gmail / Google account. Use the unique key that was shipped with your device to register it into your account.

Rawcoon in Google Play

Step 2: Write your first script

Once you have registered your device, you can start writing your first script. The language is classic Bourne shell script (sh).

Step 3: Plug it in!

That's it! Just plug your Rawcoon into any computer and enjoy :)

Compatible operating systems

Windows 10 (since build 17063)
Linux (all distributions with GNOME/MATE desktop)
BSD (with GNOME/MATE desktop)
MacOS (all version)

Compatible keyboard layouts

Pretty much all of the QWERTY, QWERTZ, or AZERTY keyboard layouts are supported. We are still expanding the official list. For now, Rawcoon has been tested with the following layouts: US, French, Swiss, Spanish, German.

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